Walk-in Patients

Our walk-in service is run by local GP’s and Nurse Practitioners. You do not require an appointment as a walk-in patient, we are open between the hours of 8am-8pm.

We stop seeing patients by 8pm. If we do not think we will be able to see you by 8pm we will hand over to the NHS 111 Service (which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) or you have the option of coming back to see us in the morning.

If you wish to speak to a Receptionist in private please indicate and we will take you to another room.

We are a training practice and from time to time fully qualified Doctors in training will be working here, this will be signposted by messages at reception, if you would prefer not to be seen by one of these Doctors in training please let the receptionist know.

Helping Us to Help You – Medical Records

We do not have access to any of your previous medical notes, computerised or otherwise, except the consultations of a patient who has attended here before. It is particularly important that you bring with you any information that could be of use in a consultation, such as the following:

  • copies of recent and relevant hospital letters, particularly hospital discharge letters
  • repeat prescriptions or the actual boxes of tablets
  • Lists of allergies or sensitivities
  • Standard notes such as antenatal or baby clinic notes (Redbook) or any other patient held health record

If you have visited your practice in person prior to seeing us they can generate an encounter sheet which should be brought with you.

Repeat Medication

We are only able to supply a short-term supply of urgently needed repeat medication. In most cases this would be for one week only.

In the case of potentially addictive drugs and strong analgesics or slimming tablets, the supply will only be until the next working day when a further prescription should be obtained from your own Doctor.

Referrals to Hospital

If your condition requires an urgent hospital referral possibly requiring an operation etc we will contact the hospital in advance for you to be seen by the on-call team.

If our clinical assessment suggests that you may have serious symptoms such as early cancer then our Doctors will refer you under the two-week wait system for urgent assessment.

If the referral is required on a routine basis then we would normally suggest this in the documentation passed to your GP who is the best person to action this.

Records to your Doctor

We will automatically inform your doctor (by fax) of the details of your consultation unless you specifically ask us not to. You will be asked at Reception as to whether you give permission for your notes to be sent to your doctor, if you decide during the consultation you would prefer not for this to happen please let the health professionals you are seeing know this. If you are not registered with any Doctor then you can be given a copy of your clinical notes, if you request this.

Blood Tests and X-Rays Results

We are unable to offer routine blood tests to walk-in patients and will suggest you make an appointment with your regular GP for continuity of care. Occasionally the Clinician may feel that a test is more urgent. In these cases, if these tests have been ordered by the White Horse Surgery the result will return here and you will need to ring after 12pm Monday to Friday for the results. If you have a clinically important abnormal result we would get in touch with you by either phone or letter, and will copy the result to your registered Doctor if appropriate.

Long-term Diseases

We feel that your registered Doctor should be in charge of managing long-term diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes etc, we can only intervene in these conditions if there is an urgent problem. You will usually be referred back to your registered Doctor for further management.

Antibiotic Prescribing

Many infections will improve on their own without antibiotics as many of them are viral. We know that using large amounts of antibiotics encourages resistance so that the antibiotics become ineffective when they are needed. Exposure to multiple courses of antibiotics makes allergies more likely and hence not being able to use medicines in an emergency. In many cases even when a bacterial infection is suspected in otherwise healthy individuals, antibiotics make very little difference to the duration and severity of symptoms and many courses of antibiotics are not completed. Please help us to prescribe antibiotics only when they are clinically necessary.


Please note that we cannot help with dental problems in any way. Patients should contact their own dentist during normal practice opening hours. Alternatively, for dental emergencies and urgent symptoms during evenings, weekends or bank holidays patients should call the NHS 111 Service for advice.


We realise it can sometimes be difficult and stressful gaining access to a doctor. If you are particularly concerned about an issue please let our receptionist know so that they can inform the clinician on duty for them to decide.

We would also like you to appreciate that there are stresses and difficulties at reception and we will commit to trying to do our best to manage your medical problem efficiently and with care.

We operate a zero tolerance policy in relation to aggressive and threatening behaviour. In these situations you can expect the Police to be called. You may then receive a barring notice

Sick Certification

A DSS Statement of Fitness to work (Sick Certificate) can be provided if the health professional estimates you will be off sick for more than six consecutive days.

We are aware that many companies insist on certification for shorter periods than this and will not accept self certification. In that case a private certificate can be issued at the cost of £10.

Evidence of Attendance

On request you can be given an appointment slip which contains no clinical information but simply indicates you have attended.

Foreign nationals

NHS patients with a valid NHS number (which we are able to search for on your behalf when you attend), do not incur a consultation fee otherwise we are happy to see you privately.

The NHS in the UK administers a complex system of entitlements for European and other visitors, and for visitors from some countries reciprocal arrangements exist and for other countries there is no such arrangement. To establish your entitlement to NHS treatment we may require various documentation proof of identity etc. Please do not be offended by this as this is a national requirement. If you do not fall under the arrangements for reciprocal cover you may be charged a consultation fee and be given a private prescription which will cost £10.

Complaints and Comments

If you have any compliments, suggestions or are less than satisfied with any aspect of the service provided by this practice, please ask to speak to or address your complaint in writing to the Practice Manager. Please also see our Complaints Procedure which you can view on the ‘About Us’ section of this website.


Patients Rights and Responsibilities

We have suitable access and facilities for disabled patients and a hearing loop for those with hearing aids.

If you are not clear on the instructions/guidance you have been given by the Doctor or other member of staff, please ask for clarification before leaving the surgery.

You will be treated with respect and dignity by our staff at all times. Please treat our staff in the same way. Aggression, violence or threatening behaviour (including verbal abuse) toward other patients and/or any of the practice staff will not be tolerated, and the practice retains the right to exclude such patients from the practice list.

Use of Personal Health Information

The practice is registered with the Data Protection Agency and complies with the relevant requirements for the retention and use of patient details and personal health information as governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. To download a comprehensive leaflet on how we use your health records please click on the link below.

How We Use Your Health Records Leaflet

Sometimes the information recorded about you may be used for reasons other than your personal care, for example, to help to protect the health of the general public, to plan for the future, to train staff and to carry out medical and other health research. For more information, including how to opt out of the scheme, please click on the link below.

Notice for patients regarding Data Collection

To download patient advice on the Freedom of Information Act please click on the link below.

Freedom of Information leaflet