Patient Feedback

Please use our suggestions box in the Surgery, click here to complete our short Friends & Family Test, email or leave your comment on our page on the NHS Choices website. We always appreciate feedback and value our patients comments and thoughts on our service.

Feedback from a patient using our comments box in reception – January 2017

“Really pleased with my care here, as usual the ladies at reception pleasant, smiley and efficient. The doctor I saw was kind and helpful- Keep up the good work”

Patient Comment on our Friends and Family Test, August 2016

“Dr Asal is brilliant, So caring, never seen a bad GP yet at this surgery”

Patient comment on our Friends and Family Test, April 2016:

“Extremely likely to visit the surgery because the Doctors and all of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the White Horse Surgery to everyone. WELL DONE”.

Feedback in surgery via our Friends and Family Test, February 2016:

“Exceptionally helpful, immediate help”.

A comment from a patient via our Friends and Family Test in surgery in January 2016:

“Such a lovely, friendly surgery. What a refreshing change it is in comparison to my old surgery to be shown such respect and kindness. All staff from Doctors, Nurses and reception are extremely helpful and welcoming. Many thanks”.

October 2015 via our Friends and Family Test in surgery:

“Nice Doctors. I couldn’t get an appointment at my own surgery”.

Comments from a patient in September 2015 via our Friends & Family Test in surgery:

“Friendly, efficient, helpful and professional”.

Feedback from a patient via email in April 2015:

“I had an appointment with Dr Anand recently. After my experience with practitioners at another practice I was dreading this appointment but Dr Anand was absolutely lovely. Her concern was for my health and welfare rather than for another hidden agenda, which I have found to be the case with other GP’s. One of the most impressive features of the consultation was the way that Dr Anand listened carefully to everything I explained to her. Having listened, she did not dismiss my concerns or try to diminish their significance. I now have a referral and treatment to alleviate symptoms in the meantime. The receptionists at the surgery are always polite and helpful. There is none of the regarding patients as nuisances and malingerers, which seems to be part of the training given to doctors’ receptionists at other surgeries. The atmosphere at this surgery is different; there is a sense of being welcomed and cared for. It is difficult to praise the practice highly enough. Perhaps they could impart their modus operandi to other practices. I wish all Doctors were like Dr Anand!”.

Thoughts from a patient in April 2015 left via our Friends & Family Test in surgery:

“The reception staff are always friendly and helpful. The Doctors are nice and seem to listen to what you have to say. You can email if appropriate and you can usually get an appointment fairly quickly or come in to the the walk-in”.

Feedback from NHS Choices website in February 2015:

“Since joining the surgery in October 2012, whilst other GP’s dismissed problems straight away they gave you a thorough health check, were very honest and believed in what you had to say. I knew for a while that things were not right and left the previous surgery as you could not get an appointment and everything was rushed. From day one, I was treated with dignity and respect, time was never an issue and appointments can be made that fit in and suit you. All the staff are super and I would not go anywhere else, a 100% service is always given”.

A comment received via our Friends & Family Test above in January 2015:

“I have received excellent service every time I have bought my young children to the Walk-in Surgery. The Doctors are caring and Reception staff always polite and helpful”.

Feedback via the NHS Choices website in October 2014:

“Tonight was my 1st visit to the White Horse Walk-in Centre, not as a patient myself but after getting a phone call from my Mum to say she was in severe pain up her arm and chest, I took her to the centre. What a great addition to our NHS service, it was easy to park, the reception and the waiting area was clean, comfortable and warm. The Receptionist was pleasant and the Doctors care and time diagnosing my Mums pain was 2nd to none, unlike Surgery Doctors who greet you with finger tips on the keyboard ready to type up your prescription and rush you out the door. I am told that some days the waiting time can be as much as 3 hours which is no different to A&E but the Walk-in is much cleaner, more comfortable, more efficient and it does not cost a penny to park your car. How fortunate we are to have this service with staff that offer a professional service with care and it is easily available to all 7 days a week”.

Feedback received in our suggestions box from a patient in September 2014:

“This surgery is fantastic! I am so glad I signed up here. All the doctors, including the locums, are clearly motivated, skilful and communicative. The reception staff are efficient and friendly, even when busy. I can always get through on the phone. All the above comments also apply to my children. Thank you so much you are a credit to your profession. The only improvement I could suggest would be chocolate covered strawberries, but hey no one is perfect!”.

A comment received from a patient in July 2014:

“My family and I registered several months ago. The reception team were very helpful on this process. The practice nurses have both been extremely professional in addition to being warm and friendly. My husband and I have both needed to see a GP and have been impressed at their knowledge and also how they involved us in the decision making about our care. When our daughters have been seen, again the manner with which they were dealt with was excellent. The reception staff have a tough job and it is often busy but they have been efficient and courteous on every occasion. I am very impressed”.

We recently received this response from a patient in June 2014:

“Excellent, quick and friendly service. Seen very promptly and efficiently. Thank you very much for a pleasant visit”.